What We’re Wearing: Lounging at Home

Summer’s coming to an end, and with it comes “doing stuff” burnout. Even more importantly, the Delta variant has solidly imposed itself as a credible threat even to us vaccinated folk, so be careful out there, y’all. We’re taking this time to recalibrate, recuperate and generally stay safe—all in the comfort of our own homes. It might not sound so fun at first (come on, we’ve been inside for a year!), but recharging the old social battery is an unfamiliar necessity now. As is keeping your fellow man virus-free. Hey, there are far worse things than lounging on the couch.

Now, we’re not proposing that you just do nothing (you did that earlier in the summer, remember). There are plenty of things to tackle in the comfort of your own abode. That house project you never got around to, for example, or catching up on some work. Neither sound appealing? We recommend you get on the self-improvement train. Meditation is a practice that keeps on giving, and a good home workout provides countless benefits. Mental stimulation is equally important to a well-rounded routine, but that doesn’t have to mean a stiff manual or boring encyclopedia. There are other ways to engage the brain, like some classic video gaming on a new system, or catering to your inner film buff.

Of course, being at home affords you some pretty sweet options when it comes to dressing the part. No need for buttoned-up looks or stiff office outfits—sweats are the way to go. While it may seem counterintuitive, don’t skimp out on your loungewear. After all, if you’re lounging, you want to actually be comfortable, right? Slide into some slip-ons for those outdoor errands and activities. Clogs are always an especially great option to add just a bit of class to a low-key fit. Just wear what feels most comfortable to you. Or take our advice below.

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