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For Taurus and Libra, someone using the planetary ruler method would look at what Venus specifically is doing throughout the course of a week or month. Then, they would write a horoscope based on Venus’s apparent motion, rather than where every single planet sits in a whole, rotated chart. A Sagittarius horoscope, on the other hand, would depend what Jupiter is doing. Full moons and new moons, on the other hand, might affect Cancers a little more.

If you’re taking this method into account, the planet that represents you best — and the astrological element that says the most about you — is your rising sign’s ruling planet. Also called your chart ruler, this planet is responsible for steering your way through the journey of life. It’s the planet in your chart that truly represents you. Other planets might represent your relationships to other parts of your life, but only your chart ruler represents you. Any aspects, aka the relationships (or distance) your planets have with each other, determine the parts of your life that are most important to you, like your health, career, friendships, or intimate relationships.

Your Rising Sign Horoscope in Action 

To put it simply, when you read a horoscope for your rising sign, you’re focusing solely on yourself. You are reading a horoscope in care of and in acceptance of your own existence. You are treating yourself as the center of your life. If you are reading only for your sun, the effects of the horoscope might still impact your life, but they might do so through things (or people) that are not concentrating on you. 

Personally, I recommend reading the horoscope for your rising sign first before moving on to other planetary placements. If you were born during the day, look at your sun sign next. For those born at night, your moon sign should be read second. The Sun is the daytime luminary, aka guiding light, and the Moon is obviously the nighttime luminary,

From there, you can also read the horoscope for your Venus sign to learn more about love and heartbreak, or for any other planets that you might be more interested in exploring over the course of a month, week, or day. However, your rising sign’s horoscope is the best one to read if you are interested in understanding yourself better. 

Alice Sparkly Kat is an astrologer who looks to the planets and stars to rechart a history of the subconscious, redefine the body in the world, and reimagine history as collective memory. Their astrological work has inhabited MoMA, Philadelphia Museum of Art, and The Brooklyn Museum. They’re also the author of Postcolonial Astrology. 

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