Xiaomi’s latest out of the box tech is a…. smart dog?

A smart dog isn’t the kind of device we (expect to) see every day. When Boston Dynamics’ Spot hit the street, everyone was kind of confused (and scared) of the smart hound. While we still don’t know the application of the smart dogs, or even if we need them or not. But, regardless of that, Boston Dynamics has a new competitor as Xiaomi has introduced its first “quadruped robotics” smart dog, called CyberDog, along with its Mi Mix 4.

CyberDog looks the same (rather scary) as Spot. Xiaomi says it is built for “like-minded Xiaomi Fans” and developers who want to propel “the development and potential of quadruped robots.”

It’s smaller than the Spot, coming in at 15.7-inch and weighing 31 lbs, versus Spot’s 24-inch body and 72 lb weight. It comes with Xiaomi’s in-house developed servo motors that help the smart dog move. CyberDog can generate a maximum torque output of up to 32Nm/220Rpm. Xiaomi says the CyberDog is able to conduct a range of high-speed movements up to 3.2m/s, and even actions such as backflips.

It is powered by NVIDIA’s high-end Jetson Xavier NX platform. This platform from NVIDIA is an “AI Supercomputer” for embedded systems, such as Xiaomi’s. CyberDog. It has 384 CUDA Cores, 48 Tensor Cores, a 6 Carmel ARM CPU, and 2 deep learning acceleration engines. Xiaomi says the CyberDog can process “massive” amounts of data without a hitch.

The CyberDog is embedded with an array of camera sensors all around. It’s got AI interactive cameras, binocular ultra-wide-angle fisheye lens, and Intel’s RealSense D450 Depth module, which Xiaomi says can be trained by a computer vision algorithm.

CyberDog has enhanced capability to sense, analyze, and interact with its environment.

Along with a bunch of cameras, the CyberDog is equipped with 11 high-precision sensors that provide its brain feedbacks for its further movements. These sensors include touch sensors, cameras, ultrasonic sensors, GPS modules, and more.

Using these cameras, the smart dog can analyze its surroundings in real-time. It can create depth maps, navigational maps, plot its own journey, avoid obstacles on the go, and do much more. Like Spot, Xiaomi’s smart dog CyberDog is capable of following its owner using these cameras.

Check out this video of CyberDog prancing around a park:

As Xiaomi says, “to add to its pet-like nature,” you can set a hot word so the CyberDog becomes aware. “CyberDog can be called on for the most unique tasks, and the ways in which it can be interacted with holds unforetold possibilities,” says Xiaomi.

cyberdog 3

Developers can utilize its 3 type-C ports and 1 HDMI port to attach external peripherals, such as searchlight, panoramic camera, motion camera, LiDAR, and more to the smart dog. It can be trained by open-source algorithms.

Xiaomi will only be making a thousand units of the CyberDog. It’s priced at RMB 9,999 (~$1,550) and is available to purchase for Xiaomi fans who want to “explore the possibilities” of a smart dog.

Would you be interested in purchasing a quadruped robot? What are your thoughts on such devices? Pen down your thoughts in the comments section below!

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