Zen 4D could be AMD’s 12th Gen Intel Core like chip with hybrid architecture

Intel announced its 12th Gen Core chips last month. The chipsets from Intel are different from any chipsets they’ve announced so far. The new chips come in a new hybrid architecture which have cores divided into performance cores and efficiency cores, much like modern-day smartphone’s big.LITTLE architecture. Now, according to a new leak from YouTube Moore’s Law is Dead AMD is also considering launching Zen 4 called Zen 4D chip with hybrid architecture.

The version will be a “dense” version of Ryzen Zen 4. It will basically be a chipset that will lack some features and will have reduced clock speeds. The chipset might also feature a newly designed cache system. AMD will slightly reduce the single-core performance for “greatly increased multi-core performance,” says a report from Digital Trends.

The Zen 4D will have “about half the L3 cache” of a Zen 4 and will feature 16 cores in a single chipset. The leak claims that the Zen 4D is “expected to” have simultaneous multithreading (SMT), but it isn’t 100% certain right now.

In addition to Zen 4D, the new architecture for Zen 5 was also leaked. It will also be based on a hybrid architecture that will have eight Zen 5 “big” cores and up to 16 Zen 4D “little” cores, claims the leak. It reportedly has the codename “Granite Ridge” with the model number Ryzen 8000. It will also be based on TSMC’s 3nm node architecture process.

During the last year, or so, we’ve seen companies change their approach from having all-powerful cores to having two dedicated different types of cores for handling different tasks. Apple has switched to their own chips from Intel chips while Intel is still betting on the x86 architecture. And now, it seems that AMD is also making the switch to hybrid architecture.

Via: Digital Trends

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